Properly Opt-in a new Text Message subscriber

There tends to be some confusion about properly creating new opt-in response messages. Follow the guidelines below and you will most likely be doing it correctly.

For a new text message marketing campaign opt-in this is the information you must provide:

1. Company / Campaign  Name

2. What the subscriber will be receiving

  • News
  • Weather
  • Updates

3. About how many messages subscriber will be receiving

  • You will receive about 5msg a month

4. How to OPT-OUT instructions

  • Text STOP to stop

5. Sponsor Contact for Help

  • Txt HELP for help

6. Message Rate Charges

  • Approved legal “MSG&Data rates may apply


In your follow up outgoing text messages, you must include the following:

1. Company / Campaign name

2. Opt out instructions

  • Txt STOP to opt out

3. Message rate charges

  • MSG&DATA rates may apply


In making a CALL TO ACTION (Text KEYWORD to SHORTCODE) whether it be print or online advertising your for your text message club / subscription / whatever it may be make sure to include the following:

1.Company / Campaign Name

2.Service Description

  • News
  • Alerts
  • Voting/Polling/Trivia

4. Contact for help info

  • For help call xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • or Text HELP for help (HELP must be bold)

5. Product Quantity

  • You may receive up X messages a month

6. Opt-Out Instruction

  • Text STOP to Opt-out (STOP must be bold)

7. Terms and Conditions

  • Links to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy must be clearly listed
  • Example:

8. Message Charges

  • MSG&DATA Rates May Apply
Below are others that are not Applicable to every campaign but if they are must be included
  • Cost for premium campaigns
  • Age Qualifier
  • Service Availability based on carrier
  • Subscription Duration


We hope that this information will be beneficial to you and help properly shape your campaigns. We will do our best to keep this updated and conforming to the latest CTIA guidelines.