SinglePoint Stimulates Impulse Transactions, Customer Satisfaction with 1-800 Landline Technology

Send and Receive Text Messages from your landline and 800#

SinglePoint a state of the art mobile technology company and full-service mobile marketing agency, is pleased to announce that it now has the technology to make landlines, including 1-800 landlines, capable of sending and receiving text messages, donations, purchases, offers and more.

The 800# innovative cloud texting technology allows users to send and receive text messages from any connected device, including 1-800 numbers, giving businesses a major leg up on competition in terms of customer communication with services like auto-replies, scheduled texting and FAQs, as well as transactional texts such as donations or purchases.

Singlepoint CEO, Greg Lambrecht, states, “This technology, in combination with Singlepoint’s existing model, is groundbreaking. With the ever-increasing stats on smart-phone usage, the demand for efficient, effective communication is stronger than ever. Our text-to-landline solution, enables us to bring clients an extremely beneficial tool that is seamless to their current communication setup. Customers can now make purchases and gather information from businesses anytime, anywhere, while business gain the edge of increased sales potential, decrease in overhead and a clear line of communication between the brand and its customers 24/7, 365 days a year.”

He continues, “There are over 91.4 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone. The vast majority of these users use smartphones to text and, since 2008, the number of text messages sent increasingly dwarf the number of calls made on smartphones. The clear path to success in this realm is to stay watchful of trends and customer wants. ZipWhip’s technology allows us to do just that, taking our interface and access to additional streams of revenue, to the next level.”

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