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Discover the untapped potential of SinglePoint, a trailblazing green company on the verge of a sustainability revolution. With a steadfast commitment to modernizing solar and energy storage models, we've expanded our horizons into air purification, electric vehicle charging, and beyond. Our focus on people, planet, and profit ensures a triple-bottom-line success, with subsidiaries driven by stellar management and a dedication to improving air quality and energy efficiency.

Embrace sustainable capitalism with SinglePoint, where integrity, transparency, and social responsibility pave the way for a brighter, greener future. Join us in empowering the next phase of renewable energy and building a legacy of eco-conscious prosperity.

SinglePoint Inc. (Cboe:SING) Your Smart Move into Renewable Energy Investing!

The progress in renewable energy brings ample reasons for enthusiasm. It not only contributes to environmental preservation but also fosters the emergence of new industries, potentially driving affordability in electric cars.

In our daily lives, energy is a constant necessity—powering our homes, lighting up our spaces, fueling our cars, and more. As economies and governments shift towards eco-friendly solutions, renewable energy stands poised to shape the future, ensuring a sustainable and responsible approach to meeting our energy needs.

How is SinglePoint making a difference?

SinglePoint, Inc. stands as a company dedicated to renewable energy and sustainable living solutions, prioritizing environmentally conscious, energy-efficient, and health-promoting offerings.

While maintaining its initial commitment to revolutionizing traditional solar and energy storage models, the company is proactively venturing into future opportunities for growth. This includes the strategic acquisition of industry leaders in:

  • Solar
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • Energy Storage
  • Safe, Clean Buildings

In the race against climate change, North America cannot afford delays. The imperative is a steadfast commitment to a green, sustainable path, and public companies within this sphere are poised to reap substantial rewards from the surge in clean-energy initiatives.

At the vanguard of a momentous energy transformation in our history stands publicly traded SinglePoint Inc. (Cboe:SING)!

The decline of traditional fossil fuels…

Recently, on the global news platform Semafor, Fatih Birol, a prominent figure in the International Energy Agency, stated in an interview that he would refrain from investing his personal pension in fossil fuel companies.

Birol suggests that the concentration of these companies on oil and gas "might not prove to be genuinely lucrative" in the medium and longer term. This shift is attributed to the escalating reputational risks and the possibility of fossil fuel investments evolving into stranded assets.

As Big Oil may start to drag its heels, this is creating opportunities for investors interested in the clean energy transition.

As per Michel Sznajer, a portfolio manager at Ecofin, the United States is poised for a surge in demand for renewable electricity. This uptick is expected to be driven by the growth of electric vehicles and data centers, the retirement of coal plants, and an increasing adoption of heat pumps. Additionally, the growth of battery storage to facilitate grid balancing is anticipated to be another significant area of expansion.

Catalysts for Renewable Energy encompass:

  • High-interest rates affecting upfront costs of building clean energy projects
  • Extreme Heat Across the Nation and rising power prices
  • Further declines in solar costs

Top 10 Reasons to Have SING on Your Radar

Dedicated to both people and the planet, SinglePoint Inc. is fostering substantial business expansion while propelling the evolution of the next stage in renewable energy!

The financial outcomes for the first quarter of 2023 unveil a remarkable surge, with revenue soaring to $5.7 million, representing an astonishing 268% increase. Simultaneously, gross profit witnessed a notable upswing, escalating by $1.47 million to reach $1.65 million!

The primary impetus behind the growth was attributed to the company's strategic acquisitions within the solar energy sector.

Essential Energy Assets Strategy – Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), Energy Services, Energy Storage

Consistently for five years, the company has secured its position as a Top Solar Contractor according to Solar Power World magazine. Additionally, it has earned recognition on the Boston Business Journal's list of "Largest Clean Energy Companies in Massachusetts." Boston Solar proudly maintains its membership in the Solar Energy Business Association of New England (SEBANE). Visit their website at www.bostonsolar.us for more information.

The company takes pride in its partnership with the Boston Red Sox and has been chosen by the baseball team to install a solar system at the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway!

Boston Solar Highlights

  • 24.7M in revenue in 2022, up from 17.6M in 2021
  • 500+ 5-star reviews from customers
  • Highly experience installer in MA with 5,000+ installs
  • Vertically integrated to create efficiencies
  • Recognized as one of the top contractors of the year
  • Proud partner of the Boston Red Sox

Catering to both residential and commercial clientele, Boston Solar has successfully executed over 5,000 installations in the past 11 years. As Massachusetts takes the lead the nation in solar installations, Boston Solar stands as a significant contributor to this esteemed recognition.

Prioritizing excellence in product quality, customer service, and workmanship, it comes as no surprise that the company has garnered over 1,000 five-star reviews from delighted customers. Boston Solar is dedicated to assisting businesses and families in attaining energy independence, facilitating cost savings, contributing to the local community, and fostering environmental improvement.

Frontline Power Solutions (FPS) is a versatile energy service company, licensed in nine states and awaiting approval in 12 more, operating in deregulated markets nationwide. It provides Energy Supply Agreements to commercial, industrial, and institutional properties of all sizes. FPS not only offers direct agreements but also advises clients on reducing energy consumption, optimizing energy portfolios, and exploring cost-saving alternatives.

This strategic acquisition opens doors for SinglePoint, granting access to an extensive client portfolio. Simultaneously, FPS clients gain reciprocal access to a leading solar power solutions company and exemplary customer service. Currently, 26 U.S. states offer deregulated power options, projecting an annual industry revenue of $9 billion.

FPS specializes in supplying commercial energy contracts, bringing significant reductions in energy consumption and spending to various businesses. The collaboration with SinglePoint allows both companies to leverage economies of scale and capitalize on monetization opportunities more efficiently.

SinglePoint is fully engaged in optimizing energy consumption, concurrently maximizing shareholder growth opportunities for investors!

Through assembling a portfolio of companies centered on renewable energy in solar, EV charging, and energy storage, SinglePoint is strategically concentrated on establishing the most extensive network of renewable energy solutions. The primary emphasis is on modernizing the conventional solar and energy storage model.

What is the key focus?

To empower residential and small commercial customers, the company facilitates the generation and storage of some or all of their power on-site through solar. This approach reduces reliance on the grid, enhances resilience, lowers emissions, and contributes to reduced energy costs.

"In the coming decade, we anticipate an ongoing surge in demand for SinglePoint's energy services, renewable energy offerings, and battery storage solutions. As individuals and businesses gear up for the widespread adoption of electrification, there will be a heightened quest for solutions ensuring certainty and redundancy in terms of energy availability, cost, on-site production, and storage. The prevailing trend of growing electric vehicle (EV) purchases not only brings organic additional revenue but also opens substantial incremental avenues with our existing and prospective customers. These customers, in their pursuit of EV charging solutions, will find them seamlessly integrated with our current suite of products and services."

Wil Ralston SinglePoint CEO

An Acquisition Plan Aimed for Significant Growth Ahead:

SinglePoint is proactively seeking new acquisition targets to broaden its reach and increase its market share. The company is committed to extending its operational presence by acquiring full-service solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies across the country.

Specifically, SinglePoint is aiming for established solar companies in targeted markets that can synergize and bring about economies of scale when integrated.

Given recent government funding initiatives and intermittent power grid disruptions, homeowners, business proprietors, and small commercial operators are actively seeking solutions to secure consistent and reliable access to power.

Ensuring clean indoor air and establishing secure environments are fundamental rights for students, teachers, staff, and corporate employees. These critical rights can no longer be overlooked, presenting a substantial and enduring opportunity for BPA solutions in this market sector.

BPA specializes in marketing and selling USA-manufactured portable Certified HEPA air purification units designed for commercial and industrial use. These purpose-built appliances serve as utility-like devices, enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) in various settings, including schools, offices, and churches. The portable air purification units with certified HEPA filtration are notably deployed in K-12 schools across multiple states.

BOX Pure Air has successfully fulfilled orders for schools nationwide, including North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, California, and others. Furthermore, BOX Pure Air has secured an initial $5.0 million ESSER II GAN ("Grant Award Notification") from the State of California CDE, aimed at distributing portable air purification units in non-public schools. With the majority of the initial $121 billion allocated for schools to improve ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) yet to be utilized, BPA is strategically positioned to leverage available federal government funding, estimated to be nearly $500 billion, for advancing indoor air quality.

“I have made it a priority to explore all options to strategically reposition, spin off or sell Company assets in an effort to unlock enterprise value at each subsidiary and most importantly increase opportunities to enhance future shareholder returns. Both our energy centric business and our indoor air purification and safety solutions are in long term multi-year emerging markets but, in our opinion, could benefit from the dedicated focus that strategic spin offs can provide to both business plans and shareholders. We are continuing to evaluate the existing landscape and market to be able to grow our energy centric businesses and find the appropriate go-forward structure for our non-energy related business units.”

Wil Ralston SinglePoint CEO

Is Renewable Energy the Future?

Global energy demand rises with population growth, prompting investors to consider the appeal of investing in renewable energy—an assertion widely agreed upon.

The economic viability of clean energy is on the upswing, fueled by diminishing costs of solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage batteries, making the sector an increasingly attractive investment.

The environmental impact of non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels is a growing concern, evident in recent heat waves attributed to their use. A recent study warns of a potential 2.7-degree Fahrenheit increase in the atmosphere above pre-industrial levels by 2040 if emissions remain unchecked.

The constraints and unpredictable costs of fossil fuels, coupled with growing government investments in the renewable energy sector, have created significant growth opportunities. Governments globally are enforcing stringent climate change policies and advocating for renewable energy.

The US Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA), allocating $369 billion for climate and energy measures, significantly benefits the Residential Rooftop Solar sector, with the US residential solar market expected to grow by $6.67 billion between 2021 and 2026.

Abigail Ross Hopper, CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, envisions the next decade as the "Solar + decade," anticipating continued momentum in solar and energy storage buildout. The Solar+ Battery Storage market in the US is positioned for multi-year growth, thanks to provisions in the IRA.

Investing in a people- and planet-first mission to drive profit

In the press

In summary…

The future is clearly embracing green initiatives, and SinglePoint Inc. (Cboe:SING) emerges as one of the most promising renewable energy companies, quietly making waves beneath the radar of Wall Street!

The company has achieved significant and successful strides in recent years, maintaining an aggressive commitment to exploring accretive opportunities within the energy and energy storage sector.

SinglePoint’s primary objective is to unlock value from non-core assets in the company's portfolio, all the while maintaining a focus on prioritizing, developing, and expanding its energy-centric businesses.

By persistently adhering to this energy-centric strategy, the company has achieved a milestone with record gross revenue for FY2022, reaching $21.8 million. This success has garnered attention from multiple companies that closely align with SinglePoint's vision, promising sustained positive results for the foreseeable future.

The groundbreaking Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has altered the course of the U.S. energy market, setting the stage for a projected five-fold expansion in the size of America's $33 billion solar and storage industry over the next decade. This significant shift enhances the immediate potential for SinglePoint's strategic Solar EPC and Energy Storage acquisition strategy!

With the market share for fossil fuels on a downward trajectory and the nation heavily investing in green energy projects, SinglePoint Inc. (Cboe:SING) is actively contributing to environmental preservation while concurrently maximizing shareholder value!