What we do

SinglePoint, Inc. is a renewable energy and sustainable lifestyle company focused on providing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and healthy living solutions.

Still committed to our original focus of modernizing the traditional solar and energy storage model, SinglePoint is also actively exploring future growth opportunities and acquiring leaders in air purification, electric vehicle charging, Energy as a subscription services, building safety and additional energy efficiency solutions and products that enhance sustainability and health.

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How we operate

We focus on the three Ps: people, planet and profit.

The companies we’ve acquired are committed to serving all stakeholders. Our subsidiaries have excellent management teams that prioritize the customer experience and journey.

Operating in the renewable energy and building purification and protection space, we focus on enhancing our lived environments by advancing the technologies and solutions that improve air quality, the energy grid, energy storage and energy redundancy.

Those two focus areas drive our business. We’re dedicated to sustainable capitalism and won’t falter when shortcuts — like cutting people or prices just for the sake of profits — present themselves. Passionate about social consciousness and social good, we’re resolute in making ethical financial decisions that benefit our planet and the people involved in SinglePoint.

We’re building a brand that’s synonymous with integrity, strong corporate governance, transparency and social responsibility.

Driving profitability while considering people and the planet.

Our vision & mission


Owning the electrification of everything and the enhancement of all our lived environments.


Never settling for the status quo, we give customers the ability to own the power, protection and health of their surroundings.

Get to know our people

With proven execution experience, our team is committed to providing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and healthy living solutions to meet tomorrow’s needs in expanding markets.