Customer-first lead generation to power solar companies' sales

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Extensive proprietary database of validated leads

Powerful and targeted digital marketing campaigns

Operators on standby for immediate callback

Committed to a superior customer experience

How Energy Wyze complements SinglePoint, Inc.’s business strategy

Leveraging a leader in lead generation

Not only did we acquire Energy Wyze to generate our own leads, but we also sell our surplus verified first-party leads to other solar companies outside of our competitive markets to expand their revenue to even further drive our own. We put our excess to use.

Implementing dynamic and focused digital marketing campaigns, Energy Wyze delivers hyper-local and real-time leads that give anyone the best opportunity to win over very qualified buyers. Those increases in revenues lead to repeat customers and referrals.

A proven AI-driven platform that focuses on data accuracy, reporting, nurturing and automation generates more leads for less.

How Energy Wyze leads the way in lead generation

Energy Wyze helps solar companies increase revenue by providing exclusive verified leads and appointments.

With a focus on conversions and customers, Energy Wyze is committed to compliance, flexibility, education, savings, data accuracy, reporting, nurturing and automation.

What we — and other solar companies — gain from Energy Wyze

A fully customized CRM solution complete with AI
Complete automation of booking appointments and lead generation
Verified first-party leads
All leads and/or appointments are opt-in
All leads and/or appointments are TCPA-compliant
All leads and/or appointments are geo-targeted

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