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All products meet or exceed certification/government organizations’ standards

1,000s of Box Pure Air units deployed in schools across the U.S.

Box Pure Air went from no revenue to $3-4M worth of sales over the last 2 years

Millions in Government funding available for LifeShield+ product

Rigorous independent testing certified LifeShield+ line as UL Listed

LifeShield+ products are eligible for government funding

Assist schools with federal grant applications and consult on grant spending

Leverage existing network of schools to continue to provide needed solutions

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SinglePoint, Inc. acquired Box Pure Air to meet a growing need in the marketplace for scientifically-proven air purifiers. Since its acquisition, we’ve grown a large customer base of schools and took the company from no revenue to $3-$4 million in sales over the last two years. Units have been placed with school districts throughout the US.

Vertically integrating sales and leveraging our network of existing schools, we expanded our product solutions by also offering the LifeShield+ line of Kevlar® woven door panels and bullet-resistant window shades that provide additional protection against bacteria, mold and fire. In a six-month period, we received $1 million in orders for LifeShield+ products.

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Air Purification & Indoor Air Quality Solutions


Bullet-Resistant Shades & Shields


Federal Grant Application & Spending Consulting

How BPA Solutions is becoming a leader in building purification and protection

Developed in 2016, AIRBOX™ was designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), making it the highest quality product on the market — plus, it’s an energy-efficient appliance that’s certified by EPA. As a certified-HEPA air purifier that meets government standards, thousands of units have been deployed in schools and colleges across the U.S.

Having undergone rigorous independent testing, LifeShield+ products are UL Listed and come in certified UL 752 Level 2 or 3 handgun protection. Because they also act as an antimicrobial filter, they’re an eligible expense for EANS and ESSER funding.

Both products are proudly made in the U.S., reducing our impact on the environment while positively affecting our local communities and allowing our products to qualify for the Buy American Act.

The proof is in our products

Delivers scientifically-proven, certified-HEPA air purifiers that meet DOE, OSHA, CDC and ASHRAE standards
High-proficiency air purification technology purge respiratory aerosols, including bacterial and viral pathogens
Has been scientifically proven to remove >99.99% of all particles, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
UL Listed, meaning it has been independently tested and certified, providing up to certified UL 752 Level 3 bullet-resistant protection
Also improves health and safety with antimicrobial protection and flame-resistant thermal protection
EANS and ESSER approved, allowing schools to receive funding to expense these products

Satisfied customers can help propel more sales

Jimmy H. ( Highland Park ISD, Box Pure Air customer )

Provided our school district with a high-quality product that has a positive impact on our staff and student performance.

Donna M. ( Davenport Energy, Inc. )

We have already noticed a difference in our air quality. The units are easy to use, set up and maintain.

Weaam E. ( Wayfinder Special Education School )

Box Pure Air made the process of purchasing and installing portable air purification simple and easy.

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