We’ve acquired established, yet nimble and focused companies that are dedicated to providing disruptive solutions within growing industries.

Our portfolio of subsidiaries has often been focused on renewable energy, but core to that was a mission to improve our lived environments. We’ve recently added subsidiaries that solve growing health and safety challenges.

Our acquisition strategy is to seek out companies and products primed for alignment and integration.


Boston Solar

Offering rooftop solar, EV charging and energy storage, Boston Solar is leading the charge in the electrification of everything.

$24.7M in FY22 revenue

up from 17.6M in 2021

1,000+ 5-star reviews

from customers

Most experienced installer

in Massachusetts


Energy Wyze

Not only does Energy Wyze generate our own leads, but we also sell our surplus verified first-party leads to other solar companies.

Proprietary database

of validated, geo-targeted leads

Complete automation

of booking appointments and lead generation

Immediate Action

from lead to sale


BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions is shaping the future of health and safety in our indoor environments.

1,000s of units

deployed in schools nationwide

$2.3M in revenue

in FY2022

Received $5M

GAN from the State of California