– Apex 2.0 Designed For Industrial And Commercial Deployment in Large, High Traffic Areas Within School such as the Cafeteria, Locker Rooms, Gymnasiums, and Libraries

PHOENIX, Sept. 9, 2021 – SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB: SING) subsidiary BOX Pure Air announced orders to provide multiple units of their newest model, the Apex 2.0, to a school in North Carolina. Large spaces in schools used to be either too difficult or too expensive to properly filter. The Apex 2.0 was designed and built specifically to provide air filtration and ventilation to address the needs of schools outside of the classroom. The company is currently having multiple active and repeat discussions with several schools in its pipeline.

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be the cause of headaches, lead to fatigue and can enhance allergies and asthma beyond the current crisis of Covid. The Apex 2.0 improves the air quality indoors where students and teachers spend more than one thousand hours a year of their time on average.  In fact it is estimated that people spend nearly ninety percent of our time indoors. Covid-19 has brought into focus the absolute need for improvement of IAQ as we now look to create indoor safe environments that provide increase protection against pathogens and highly contagious airborne viruses, especially in schools.

The school will be using the industrial Apex 2.0 units to rid the air of harmful airborne particles in high traffic areas such as its library, preschool, gymnasium, and cafeteria. These large areas, within schools but outside of the classroom, are areas of concern for school leaders and need industrial, commercial-grade solutions designed to handle the air flow volume necessary to provide safe air zones for students, teachers and staff.

“Federal funding, in excess of $190 Billion has been allocated for schools across the nation specifically to be used for improving air quality. While there is no single thing a school or facility can do to eliminate all potential risks, it is clear air purification and ventilation is a major contributor in reducing the potential spread of the virus. Our Apex 2.0 unit will assist in mitigating these risks while also providing a healthier environment for our kids and educational staff. We expect many schools to utilize the available funding to improve their systems for the long-term future and to solve the crisis at hand. We are in many active discussions, assisting schools in developing their plan as well as assisting in navigating the federal funding process. We expect to see multiple follow-on purchases in the coming months,” states Ryan Cowell CEO and Founder of BOX Pure Air.

The approach many schools have taken up to this point is to place multiple units in these larger areas (sometimes as many as five medium-sized units) to achieve the desired number of Air Changes Per Hour (ACH). The Apex 2.0 is capable of doing the same job, and in many cases more effectively. The Apex 2.0 has the ability to clean up to 1,500 cubic ft per minute, having one Apex 2.0 that plugs into the wall and can be moved anywhere is by far more efficient and cost-effective. The typical ideal scenario increases cross ventilation and filtration in larger spaces utilizing to create a safer air zone.

The Apex 2.0 (MSRP $5,399.00) has no identifiable competition in the market due to its power and superior quality, making it revolutionary in the air purification space. A recent analysis of the 3,000 sq foot space has demonstrated that the purchase and operational cost of the Apex 2.0 over a five year is approximately five times less than using four smaller units from another manufacturer equaling a savings of nearly $40,000.00. The Apex 2.0 is giving schools the ability to rid the air of harmful pathogens, while saving thousands of dollars on operational costs and energy consumption costs. BOX Pure Air expects to see more schools making the switch to Apex 2.0’s in the coming months.

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BOX Pure Air strives to provide the best products to help clean air through the deployment of high-efficiency air purification technologies. Learn more at www.boxpureair.com. BOX Pure Air is a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc. OTCQB:SING.

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