– Long-term market opportunities continue to grow with the return to indoor environments at work and school
– Previous sales efforts in North Carolina starting to secure additional purchase orders; secures 5th Purchase Order in the past 95 days for a smaller school district in North Carolina
– Business Development activity is accelerating representing additional quotes and responses to requests for proposals in multiple school districts in several states
– Over $180 Billion dollars has been allocated to our nations schools that can be utilized to improve ventilation and indoor air quality and is currently being deployed to schools

PHOENIX, Nov. 12, 2021 — SinglePoint Inc (OTC: SING) subsidiary Box Pure Air has secured it’s 5th Purchase Order for a small school district representing less than 20 schools in North Carolina. The district has continued to purchase units in the effort to protect students and staff by increasing ventilation within its facilities (classrooms, cafeterias and school administration offices) as the continued awareness of the importance that portable HEPA air filtration units play as we continue to return to work and school. There are approximately 115 school districts with around 2,550 schools (high school, middle school, elementary and community schools) in North Carolina.

“We are encouraged by the repeat orders and the daily increasing interest in our products that are designed to improve ventilation and indoor air quality,” stated Ryan Cowell, CEO Box Pure Air. “We have industrial grade products that can be operational in minutes that have specific competitive advantages including the cost of operations over the life of our warranty which coupled with the unique capabilities of the APEX unit is driving an increasing pipeline, quotes and booked sales. While we continue to fill multiple other purchases, the repeat orders solidify the need and want for clean air throughout buildings.”

The school district has made multiple purchases of the MESA (designed for smaller spaces) and the APEX (designed for spaces over 1,100 square feet). These units, manufactured domestically in North Carolina, are designed for long term use in industrial and commercial locations.

The CDC and other leading experts focused on the importance of monitoring, understanding, and recommending solutions to improve indoor ventilation and filtration continue to recommend the use of portable Certified HEPA filtration units.

Beyond helping end the pandemic, better ventilation and filtration will make everyone healthier and more productive. Once constructed, buildings are slow to change, as owners put off upgrades that will yield long-term gains. But COVID-19 will prompt people to ask more questions about their workplaces and will force the hand of employers and building owners. Foosball tables are no longer enough. The world finally has to pay attention to indoor air. This was recently published in an editorial in The Atlantic, by Joseph Allen an associate professor at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and the director of its university’s Healthy Buildings program.

Understanding and improving IAQ – Indoor Air Quality is becoming essential as the world continues to recover from the global pandemic and takes steps to mitigate and promote increased air exchanges and ventilation in indoor environments.

  • On average we spend 90% percent of our time indoors
  • It is estimated that on average for every breathe we take indoors up to 3% of exhaled air from someone else’s lungs, an individual takes about 6,000 breaths in your workplace on an average day.
  • Spending just 11 minutes in a poorly ventilated conference room, classroom or other interior room has been compared to kissing a stranger on the lips
  • The standard for the number of indoor air exchanges per hour was historically set at approximately 2.5 air exchanges per hour, which does not meet the recommended standards for healthy buildings of 5 to 6 air exchanges per hour.

Box Pure Air continues to drive new business in multiple states across the nation mainly focused on school districts and counties. The company also provides units to businesses, restaurants, and other areas where there are people congregating. Air quality is top of mind right now for everyone and a new focus has been placed on the air people are breathing. Box Pure Air makes creating a clean air environment easy with plug and play air purification units.

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