BOX Pure Air continues to secure repeat orders from North and South Carolina school districts looking to improve ventilation, with additional district purchase orders starting to roll in
State funding in Texas, Florida, and others expected to unlock significant value
SinglePoint leveraging differentiated BOX Pure Air product offering to meet the demand for improved overall air quality and general health

PHOENIX, Dec. 22, 2021 — SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB: SING) (“SinglePoint” or the “Company”) and its subsidiary BOX Pure Air, a company dedicated to creating safe, clean air zones to improve overall air quality and general health, today provided a business update and outlined key highlights of its strategic initiatives to generate long-term value.

SinglePoint completed its acquisition of BOX Pure Air in March, 2021. Since the acquisition, the Company has been driving BOX Pure Air’s established multi-state exclusive and international rights to sell AIRBOX: an industrial grade, American made, high-proficiency energy-efficient air purification technology to meet the growing demand for improving indoor air quality. BOX Pure Air is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and continues to deliver solutions across multiple verticals. BOX Pure Air has delivered multiple purchase orders and reorders within the school vertical to multiple states as administrators and facility managers look to create safer air zones for staff and students. There has been nearly $180 billion in federal funding allocated to schools which is still in the process of being distributed and deployed at the regional, district or local levels. The Company believes order value and velocity will significantly increase over the next few months and BOX Pure Air has already seen activity (proposals) ramp up over the past few weeks. Texas is the most recent state to receive and allocate federal funds, in just the first week the Company has had over 30 schools inquire on the AIRBOX solution.

“Clean, quality air is not just a COVID issue. Indoor air quality has been brought to light because of COVID, but it has been and will continue to be an issue that needs to be addressed. When we decided to acquire BOX Pure Air, we saw a significant opportunity to provide safe, clean air zones with a differentiated product that meets all the necessary certifications,” commented Wil Ralston, CEO of SinglePoint. “Since the acquisition, the value and potential of BOX Pure Air has continued to grow exponentially. With the repeat orders BOX has secured and increasing purchase order interest in schools, coupled with the added government funding that is started to be unlocked, we expect to gain significant momentum. The recurring orders we are seeing show a tremendous amount of promise and bolsters our confidence in the important piece of our business. The near term opportunity is hard to quantify, we could see $5M in orders or $250M in orders just harvesting the active opportunities within the school vertical. One medium to large school district could easily place a purchase order exceeding $50M and we have been and are in continuing discussions with several small, medium and large districts. We are well positioned to deliver our Industrial and Commercial grade Certified HEPA Air Purification units to create safer indoor air environments in the places we gather whether it be at work, at school or even at home which is a massive emerging opportunity for SinglePoint and its shareholders.”

AIRBOX products are designed, built, and certified to government standards, and meet the FDA’s enforcement policy guidelines for air purifiers during COVID-19, as well as Department of Education (DOE) requirements, and OSHA, CDC, and ASHRAE conformance. AIRBOX is UL listed and uses only CERTIFIED HEPA filters in all its Safe Air Plan applications. To date, BOX Pure Air has submitted bids in excess of $50 million to schools across Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and more.

“There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes in order to bring the potential of BOX Pure Air fully on-line. There is bureaucracy within the school districts that we continue to work through, and we are starting to see those efforts come to fruition. BOX Pure Air really represents a massive opportunity for SinglePoint that we believe will drive significant revenues for the foreseeable future,” added Mr. Ralston.

School districts are interested in providing cleaner air quality in areas of the building where it can be difficult to enforce social distancing. In addition to COVID, the common cold and flu often rapidly spread throughout schools during the winter months. This causes many students and faculty undue missed days of school impacting both the child’s education and their families at home. For these school districts, the BOX Pure Air Apex 2.0 units can act as another layer of defense during non-ideal situations. Based on the evidence of positive impact from the Apex 2.0 units that were previously purchased, the school districts that have purchased BOX Pure Air products trust the results and see potential for additional benefit.

Based on the feedback received to-date and the growing need in indoor air quality obstacles, the Company expects to see more orders from schools in the Carolinas and beyond.

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