• SinglePoint Subsidiary, BPA Solutions, Assured by Additional Opportunities for Clean Air Funding
  • Funding available through FEMA
  • Up to $1 Million available per qualified location

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 17, 2023 — SinglePoint, Inc. subsidiary, BPA Solutions, recognizes the substantial market opportunity for states to continue funding and prioritizing clean indoor air as the Biden administration extends the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency due to omicron sub-variants. The Emergency Declaration extension will enable state governments to access remaining emergency funds to prevent transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious particles by upgrading HVAC systems, deploying air purification units, and making health-focused investments in infrastructure overall.

The extension of the emergency declaration allows for the following:

  • States to reapply for canceled emergency funding; And,
  • An additional 120 days to apply for FEMA assistance for up to $1M per qualified location;

Ryan Cowell, CEO of BPA Solutions, commented, “With another extension, the federal government has made clear that support for covid mitigation strategies will continue to be at the forefront. While more must be accomplished to limit the coronavirus’s spread, federal support has substantially improved indoor air quality (IAQ) in all aspects. Air quality is and will be a major industry as schools, offices, and individuals work to mitigate airborne pathogens, pollutants, allergies, and more that will ultimately improve our collective individual health. With continued financial assistance from government agencies like FEMA, BPA Solutions can be a community partner in offering services and products to produce cleaner air. We are working with schools throughout the U.S. and can work with these schools to navigate the process. Any interested parties should reach out to us at 843.936.6649.”

On January 11th, the Biden Administration announced that the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency would be extended until April in response to infections from a highly transmissible omicron subvariant. This follows a health trend in the U.S., as the emergency declaration has been extended every 90 days since January 2020. The continuance of the public health emergency provides financial resources to invest in indoor air quality (IAQ) by supporting facility repairs and improvements to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in buildings across the United States. With this action, the Federal government has ensured that clean air-focused services and solutions will continue to aid Americans on a significant scale. Homeowners, businesses, and schools will have generous financial incentives to pursue efficient structural improvements to their properties and municipalities, which can produce cleaner air and safer indoor spaces. BPA Solutions is encouraged by the Administration’s decision as this funding extension will result in more awareness and proactive efforts by landlords and school administrators to develop healthier environments for many Americans.

IAQ-centered funding, which results as part of the extension of the public health emergency, underlines the work of BPA Solutions. The Company is working to be recognized as a de facto source of solutions for healthier buildings and cleaner indoor air in the United States. BPA Solutions offers consultations and products that provide consumers with the resources to build safer, less polluted public and private spaces. The financial support reinforced by the emergency declaration aligns with the Company’s goals. BPA Solutions is ready to meet consumer demand catalyzed by these health-conscious policies. Encouraged by the actions of the Biden Administration, BPA Solutions is currently identifying additional opportunities to solve the challenges of providing purified indoor air in houses, schools, offices, and buildings.

About BPA Solutions
At BPA Solutions, we believe in providing schools and other governmental agencies with products designed to create healthier, safer public gathering places. As we grow, we remain constantly committed to finding new ways we can provide quality resources to communities and the places they gather. To learn more, visit www.bpasolutions.com.

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SinglePoint is a sustainable lifestyle Company focused on the solar energy and storage and indoor air purification markets. The Company plans to build the largest renewable energy solutions network and modernize the traditional solar energy and energy storage business model. SinglePoint continues to execute its acquisition strategy by exploring future growth opportunities in indoor air purification and ventilation, electric vehicle charging, solar as a subscription service, and additional energy efficiencies and appliances that enhance sustainability and healthier life. For more information, visit the Company’s websites: www.singlepoint.com, www.bostonsolar.us, and www.boxpureair.com.

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