• SinglePoint Inc. subsidiary BPA Solutions recently showcased its newest product, the LifeShield+ ballistic door panel
  • Three different caliber firearms were tested five times each
  • The highlights of the demonstration, as well as a before and after of the LifeShield+ can be viewed on the BPA Solution website

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 19, 2023SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB:SING) subsidiary BPA Solutions has released footage from a recent demonstration of their newest product offering, the LifeShield+ ballistic door panel. The demonstration highlighted the capabilities of the LifeShield+ and showed how it can withstand various firearms.

Watch the full video here.

BPA Solutions showcased the panel’s capabilities by using a UL 752 Level 2 panel (LifeShield+ comes in UL 752 Level 2 or 3, with 3 being a higher level of protection) and can be installed on a hollow core door. The panel was then subjected to five rounds of ammunition using three different firearms, a .9mm, a .40 caliber, and a .38 special, from roughly 15 ft away.

The LifeShield+ ballistic door panel easily withstood all 15 shots with no caliber of ammunition passing through. Overall, the demonstration not only resulted in excellent footage but proved to be a prime example of LifeShield+’s capabilities, even under the worst conditions.

BPA Solutions CEO Ryan Cowell commented, “seeing the LifeShield+ work live provides a far better understanding of just how effective it is and how important it is to have in every school across America. I believe through the footage captured, everyone watching can better understand just how impressive this product is.”

As the exclusive distributor of LifeShield+ products to schools in the United States, BPA Solutions is actively working to assist schools with purchasing LifeShield+ door panels, window shades, and hallway dividers using the existing funding available immediately to schools through the US.

“For the longest time, the feedback we received from schools was that they wanted to invest in safety products, but their current funding wouldn’t cover it. So rather than wait for safety funding to be approved, we collaborated with ballistic barrier products to design a product that qualifies for the existing ESSER or EANS funding allowing them to act immediately,” continued Cowell. “Our goal for the LifeShield+ is to provide schools with a solution to their safety concerns that is both extremely effective and easily obtainable.”

BPA Solutions is currently taking orders for LifeShield+ products. Call 843.936.6649 or email info@boxpureairsolutions.com to order or visit bpasolutions.com for more information.

About BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions provides schools and other governmental agencies with innovative and proven products designed to create healthier, safer public gathering places. To learn more, visit www.bpasolutions.com.

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